So by now we know that tonight’s episode, A Blade of Grass, will be more focused on Vanessa and John Clare’s story. By the way, I think we’ll learn John Clare’s real name. Now, we’ll have to get used to call him something else and just when I was getting used to call him John Clare… *Sighs forever*
In the beginning, I thought that John might be a bad guy who tortured Vanessa in the asylum but now I’m thinking that he might be the only person there who tried to help her, as much as he could.

For example: When he takes the blanket from her, he looks remorseful. He looks like he doesn’t want to take the blanket but, I’m assuming, he has to follow orders and even when he explains to her why she can’t keep it, he does it in a quiet tone and keeps glancing at the door as if he fears someone might hear him.

I think John tries to help her, in his own way, but at the same time, he’s a sort of a torturer (takes blanket) to her.

I believe Vanessa fears seeing him because he’s the one who takes “care” of her in there. I also think that Dr. Jekyll knows Vanessa, since he has been working in the asylum. Perhaps he even did some experiments on her?
Another thing that makes me believe he’s good is because when she attacks him and scratches him, he doesn’t hurt her at all.

He could’ve knocked her out by punching her in the face but he doesn’t do it. He just gets up and hurries out the room.

In the mirror scene, I’m thinking Vanessa is in a straitjacket probably after she attacks John or someone else. I assume John is the one who applies makeup on her and shows her her own reflection to try to bring her back from that dark place she’s in. But, hey, maybe he’s just a psycho-stalker guy who’s obsessed with her…like everyone else…

I also like how concerned John is of Vanessa not eating. I guess it’s because he knows they’ll probably force-feed her if she doesn’t eat for long.

The other man Vanessa talks about in the clip, is Dracula, of course

and I think that throughout the course of their sessions she will learn that Dr. Sweet and Dracula are the same person. At the same time, I think that Dracula will realize that John Clare is getting close to Vanessa and possibly see him as a threat to him, which makes me believe that Dracula is the one who, in the end, kills John Clare. So I think @Reyyleighd was right about Vanessa not been the one who kills John.

To me, Vanessa looks like she’ll sink deeper and deeper into the world in the asylum.

I think that Vanessa and Sweet will see each other again, while Vanessa has no idea of who he really is but once she realizes that Dr. Sweet has been lying to her, (possibly after Ethan and the others return) she will go confront him at the Museum.
Dracula might imprison Vanessa, making the others come to her rescue like on season 2

3 thoughts on “Penny Dreadful. A Blade of Grass theory.

  1. This episode was like Night Comers to me. Magnum Opus of the series.

    Of course, Patti LuPone was key in both but Eva Green brings it like no other!

    I’m so glad Caliban, John Clare was good to her. I wonder if his name is Robert or Bob for short since his child and he read from Robert Louis Stevenson’s books. Clare reads The Shadow to her in this episode and his son had the book Kidnapped. This tells the story of David Balfour which is like the name that Victor and Dr J have in their chair.

    The room reminded me of a stark white beehive with the hexagon hexagram flooring and Vanessa as the Queen Bee with two drones after her.The repetition of John Logan specific subtly is exceptional in this series. Easy to miss the deeper duplicitous elements but not hard to enjoy the beauty of the symphony.

    I think this week we are off to the Wild West. Cave and Sands. Symbols and Silence, Indians and Desert, Heat and Sun all to bring us to Ethan’s father. I can’t wait. Oh, the Places We Will Go! The humanities & disciplines of “Ologies” that Show Time’s Penny Dreadful expertly brings to the screen each week is stunning

    Thank you for doing this and your expert opinion.

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