Penny Dreadful S3. Alternative Ending.

Penny Dreadful S3. Alternative Ending.

Remember when Vanessa went to Evelyn’s mansion and had to face the devil in the form of a doll that looked exactly like her?


Remember how she felt after she saw the beautiful and happy life she could have with Ethan if she said yes?

Well, now imagine this: Imagine that Vanessa goes through with showing the devil who his true master was.


Imagine that everything you saw at the end of season 2 and all the way until almost the end of season 3 happened, except, when Vanessa is dying and Ethan is holding her she suddenly is brought back to Evelyn mansion and sees the doll again.
Imagine Vanessa holding her left side, still feeling the shot wound that is not there. Then, she realizes that she had a more detailed vision of what was to come after she defeated the devil.


Her eyes are filled with tears after seeing what she would force Ethan to do. She sees her own funeral!

She saw how her decision will affect everyone around her. She knows Sembene will die,


She even knows what will happen to Dorian Gray.


She knows who John Clare was.


She knows who’s Ethan’s maker!


And now, she knows who Dracula is and what will happen if she falls in love with him.


She knows what will happen if she says yes but also what will happen if she says no, and now she has a choice to make but she has the advantage of knowing the future. Will she stop Ethan from going to America?


Or let him leave, like she did with Peter? Will she be able to save Sembene from Werewolf Ethan? What will be Vanessa’s choice? That’s my alternative ending for season 3 or the beginning of season 4.


Thank you all for reading!

Penny Dreadful. Final thoughts.

Penny Dreadful. Final thoughts.

I’ll begin with Dorian Gray.

When I started watching Penny Dreadful and I saw Reeve turn to Brona and say: “My name is Dorian Gray” I was ecstatic. I thought it was just perfect that they added this immortal, perfect man, to the show. I thought “Oh, this is going to be good!” and actually the sex scene he had with Brona looked promising to me. But then Dorian got turned into pretty much just eye candy. They turned him into the guy who has sex anyone and, I believe, anything. I thought they would add him to the group to fight the bad guys. At one point, I thought he was one of the fallen brothers but no, Dorian had no true purpose in Penny Dreadful but to keep other characters busy so they wouldn’t have to be near the main story characters or to bring shock value scenes, such as the death of Angelique or that bloody threesome he had with Justine and Lily. I think Angelique was there just so we could see his portrait, which we never saw again.
Then, they showed the Dorian I had wanted to see for 2 seasons at the end of the show. Why? Why show us right at the last eps what he could’ve been? That felt like a slap on the face to me and he ended up alone, as if he had been the bad guy the entire show instead of Lily. To me, they obliterated a character that I adore by turning him into they guy who just has sexs with everyone and towards rhe end, into the guy who did whatever Lily said until the very end when he told her what we all wanted to shout in her face and delivered her to Victor.
Imagine how wonderful it would’ve been to see that Dorian throughout the 3 seasons? I doubt that Dorian would’ve let Vanessa go that easily to be honest. To me, Dr. Jekyll made friends  with Dorian.
In my mind, Dorian got rid of Lily and her absurd revenge agaist men. In my mind, Dorian packed his painting and left London for a while. Then, years later, a young lady is gazing into his paintins gallery with a sense of wonderment. She’s there by chance, she doesn’t even know the owner of that magnificent place. She turns around taking in every detail in the room when suddenly a beautiful man standing at the oposite end of the room catches her eye. He sees her and to her surprise, he smiles at her. She finds it difficult to breath as she realizes he’s strolling towards her but she can’t bring herself to look away from those spellbinding eyes of his. He stops only inches away from her flushed face and says, with a crooked smile: “Hello, my name is Dorian Gray”

Victor Frankenstein.

From the beginning of the show, I fell in love with Victor. Victor could do pretty much anything and I’d always find a way to justify what he did, that’s how much I liked him. I lived for his sassy attitude, especially when it came to the banter between him and Ethan but we saw none of it this season, only a hug. One hug that broke my heart. That first scene of him meeting Vanessa, Ethan, and Malcolm in s1: “Go away” LOL! I respected Victor, he never took shit from anyone but did you notice that he never got sassy with Vanessa? And talking about Vanessa and Victor, after seeing their brother and sister, or more like mother and son, relationship blossom, why didn’t we see them together at all on season 3? Why would they rob us from that. They all were like a family! And in season 3, they were all alone and far away from each other, except, Victor and Vanessa remained in London and acted as if they were strangers. They never visited each other at all, which makes no sense to me since they were so close. Last season, even though Victor was madly in love with Lily, he still cared for Vanessa but this season he was completely focused on Lily to a point that crossed the line of cute love for me and went straight into the psychopath realm. I guess they didn’t have anything else for Victor to do so they made up Dr. Jekyll to keep him occupied in the development of a sort of antidote to “tame” Lily while Victor verbally abused him on a constant basis. I hated that Victor, by the way and Dr. Jekyll had so much potential as well. He was another character that I was excited to see in Penny Dreadful but that, once again, wasn’t utilized to his full potential. In the end, Victor frees Lily and realizes he needs to let go but gives Jekyll a lecture on following the wrong path, which to me, made no sense because Jekyll was not the bad guy of that story, it was himself.
Victor to me, ended up staying with his true family, which is Vanessa, Ethan, and Malcolm. He has freed himself from his obsession with conquering death and instead, he has continued his research to help the living.
John Clare.


I didn’t like John in the beginning. I think I started liking him towards the middle of season 1 and by the end of it I was attached emotionally to that character. I believe John was a character created specifically to suffer, to make us suffer through seeing him never catching a break. I never understood why, a character as powerful as him was never added to the main story. He would’ve been a great asset to their group, specially after Sembene died. John’s only connection to the main group was Victor and Vanessa. I believe that JL’s favorite characters were Vanessa and John. I think John was the male version of Vanessa, that’s why every time we saw them together their dialog was extraordinary amd that’s why the last shot of the show was him at the end on Vanessa’s grave instead of Ethan, who was her beloved and who loved her. I wish they had shown how he died and who/what killed him.
To me, John and Victor, after everything that life had put them through were able to arrive to a sort of understanding. They forgave each other and finally got the closure they needed to be able to move on with their lives.
After burying his son, John and his wife left London and began a new life.

Malcolm Murray.

I despised Malcolm in the beginning pf Penny Dreadful. I thought he was an arrogant and heartless man but little by little I realized that he was a man who was constantly suffering in silence. Malcolm allowed everyone to throw Peter’s death in his face countless times and later on people began to add Mina and Gladys to the mix. He even had all 3 of them torturing him at Everyn’s mansion! I think he felt he deserved to suffer. He told Vanessa in season 1 that she wished to rid herself of her guilt but he didn’t and so he went on throughout 3 seasons. I loved to see Malcolm possessed and quite frankly, I wanted it to last longer but I didn’t like seeing him been reduced to a weakling by Evelyn’s spell. I hated seeing him acting so weak. Other than that, to me Malcolm remained the same throughout Penny Dreadful. I always thought that Ethan was the son Malcolm had always wanted but could never have. Victor was Peter’s replacement. I think JL didn’t have much for Malcolm to do on season 3, that’s why he sent Kaetenay his way. I liked Kaetenay and Malcolm working together and wish I had seen them in action on future seasons. After season 2 was over, I wanted to see the father and daughter relationship between Malcolm and Vanessa. I feel we never got to see it fully. Malcolm went straight to America after taking Sembene to Africa so after burying a friend, Malcolm returned to London to bury another family member. How depressing is that? It’s not fair. Malcolm deserved to have his daughter with him and Vanessa deserved to enjoy her father. (By the way, the names of characters kept changing. Ethan Chandler was taken from us to turn him into the dull Ethan Lawrence Talbot. Brona Croft was turned into Lily Frankenstein and Caliban was turned into John Clare, which we’re not even sure if that was his actual name and now we will never find out but Vanessa, even after we found out she was actually Malcolm’s daughter, remained Vanessa Ives.)
In my mind, Malcolm killed Dracula with her silver sword and is enjoying an adventure with Vanessa, Ethan, and Victor. His family.

Ethan Chandler.

From the moment I saw Ethan wearing that ridiculous curly wig and mustache, I knew he’d be my favorite male character in Penny Dreadful. I absolutely loved Ethan on season 1 but on season 2, he began to turn onto a different man altogether until, by season 3, I couldn’t recognize him anymore. Ethan had 2 flaws: he always ran away from, not only his problems, but himself as well and he was very judgmental for a person who had killed so many people as a werewolf and as a man. On season 1 he gave Malcolm such a hard time about Peter. I felt that Ethan hated Malcolm from the first moment he laid eyes on him and for no reason at all. Ethan was constantly lecturing people about morality and principles but, of you think about it, after the way he acted, he had none. On season 2, when he told Vanessa she’d make a great wife to someone else I was disappointed in him and after, out of nowhere, he turned into an asshole and called Vanessa a little girl, I was almost done with him. When he had sex with Hecate, I labeled him a fuckboy but when he pointed a gun at Malcolm to protect Hecate, I wanted him dead. I felt as if they replaced the original Ethan, the Ethan I fell madly in love with, with a different actor who did a poor representation of him but expected us to not notice, like they often do in shows. Penny Dreadful had outstanding actors. They were not the ones who failed, the writing did. Jl created extraordinary characters for season 1, only to destroy them in the next 2 seasons.
When I first saw Ethan flirting with Vanessa, I figured they would end up together somehow, even though Ethan was dating Brona at the time. They had chemistry! When people were professing Ethan’s eternal love for Brona I never believed it because while Brona was dying Ethan left her for weeks to be at Vanessa’s side. When he refused to kill Vanessa on season 1, I fell in love with Vanethan right then and there. I thought that whenever Vanessa was weak, Ethan would be strong for her and vise versa and on season 2, I thought that we’d finally see Vanethan together. I watched with teary eyes their beautiful dance and jumped to my feet when they kissed under the rain and as I was uttering the word “finally”, their moment was taken from me by Vanessa, or should I say, JL. Vanethan always felt as if a treat was constantly been dangled in front of me and as I nearly touched it, it was snatched away from me, time and time again. Ethan knew Hecate was bad, he knew she was after Vanessa but what did he do instead of killing her? He gave her a kiss. WHAT? By the end of season 3, I felt cheated and disrespected. I feel like the writer never really cared about the audience, only about himself. I think he wanted to let all of us know that those characters were his and he did so by completely separating them for the entire season 3 and by having Ethan killing her at the end of it.
When Ethan had sex with Hecate, I felt as if JL was telling all the Vanethan shippers this: “Fuck You, I can do whatever I want. Watch me”
Hecate, to me, felt like a character JL just loved but also didn’t know what to do with her, except that he wanted Ethan to have sex with her. Their sex scene made no sense. Ethan was supposedly in Love with Vanessa, although he never really looked like he was suffering at all, but after spending a couple of days with Hecate and helping her kill men, he felt that the appropriate thing to do was to fuck her. It felt rushed and unnecessary. I can buy that Ethan was walking over to the dark side because of Hecate’s influence and the fact that Ethan wanted to accept the dark side of himself but, come on, they were together for a few days. That was not enough time for anything to happen. It was poorly planned. Then, after they made it look like Hecate was never going to die, she suddenly gets killed in the most dumb way possible! The only part I liked about Ethan going to America was that Malcolm killed his father and by the way, to me the only reason Ethan was sent to America was just so Vanessa could have time alone with Dracula. His time in America was a waste of time! His father, the “monstrous” man, just looked like a man who went crazy after his family was slaughtered, thanks to Ethan and Kaetenay. They kept saying he was a monstrous man but we never got to see that side of him and Ethan never said anything to corroborate that story so, I found myself constantly reminding myself what JL and Josh had said about Jared Chandler in their interviews to buy the “monstrous” part about that character. It’s tv, show me, not tell me.
Ethan was a werewolf and he was not only a werewolf, he was The Wolf of God but he didn’t even fight Dracula as a werewolf! And, by the way, why was Ethan was always threatening to kill people? He was always pulling guns put but he rarely used them to kill the people that mattered like Hecate and Dracula.
I liked the fact that Kaetenay was shown as a werewolf and as his maker, at least we found out who made him but I didn’t like that JL made Ethan a slave of the moon. Ethan been able to turn into a werewolf only during the full moon caused many inconsistencies in the timeline of the show. Also, Ethan was not used to his full potential because of the same thing. Werewolf Ethan would’ve saved the day many times if he had been able to change at will but because he only changed during the full moon, the moon was conveniently placed whenever they thought werewolf Ethan was needed, making it look like he had just changed a few days before like they did on season 2. In season 2, Dorian’s ball was on a Friday, Ethan changed that night, then on Saturday he and Van left London but soon after he left Vanessa inside the cottage and changed again, even though it looked like they had just arrived there. Then when they returned to London, he conveniently changed again, just in time to kill Sembene and Evelyn. I think that Ethan should’ve done his job as The Hound of God and killed Dracula, not Vanessa. Imagine how Ethan felt after killing Vanessa. How is he supposed to go on living after that, when he wanted to die after he killed Sembene? Ethan not killing himself after he shot Vanessa, to me, was out of character. Ethan not been strong enough to convince Vanessa to fight, was out of character.

Vanessa Ives.

Vanessa and Ethan were the reason I watched Penny Dreadful, they were the reason I made my vanessaives666 account on twitter. I loved avanessa because she was an unconventional woman. She was strong and fearless on season 1 but also she had so much guilt inside of her for what she did to Mina and others. I liked that she owned up to her mistakes and was trying to make amends. I think that Vanessa was made, like John Clare, only to suffer. From the beginning of the show it was pretty clear to me that she desperately wanted to be loved and accepted but I feel that she was slowly turned into a suicidal woman who was so desperate for love that she would take Ethan’s shit because she loved him and later on Dracula. Vanessa was like two women in Penny Dreadful. She was the fearless and strikingly beautiful woman who walked with her head held up high, the woman who would tell people their darkest secrets and truths to their face while staring into their eyes or the woman who feared her own shadow, didn’t even bother with even taking a shower, and her answer to everything was to die. Vanessa was supposed to always reach towards the light so her death made no sense to me. I understand she was tired of it all but she knew she had the power to defeat all her enemies. She knew Verbis Diablo and had The Wolf of God by her side. It was 2 against 2. I think that Vanessa was trully in love with Ethan so the idea of her falling in love so fast with Dracula made no sense to me at all. People keep saying that Ethan fell for Hecate and Van for Dracula because they had a sort of “magic” infuelce on them. Well, I didn’t see it. I only heard characters saying that but since I never saw it and because it happened so fast, I never believed in that so called, “magic”. On season 1, Ethan refused to kill Vanessa and we saw that he brought her back from that dark place she was in, Ethan quieted her demon. I thought they would use that power from Ethan on later seasons but it was forgotten instead we saw Vanessa using Verbis Diablo at all times. That made me think that everything they were doing was a waste of time because all Vanessa had to do was speak Verbis Diablo to make the bad guys disappear. The killings were not necessary. Everything that happened on season 2 was pointless because all Vanessa had to do was use that language and tah-dah, bad guy gone. In season 3, she made Dracula and Lucifer tremble at the same time when she spoke Verbis Diablo. Vanessa didn’t even need Ethan, if you think about it and the notion of the Devil being afraid of Dracula was laughable to me. I fell in love with Vanessa because no matter how hard life got she, with the help of her family, always found a way to go on so Vanessa and Ethan giving up in the end, was disappointing to me. I can imagine people with depression watching the show and feeling that there’s always something to look forward to only to see that the person they identified with gave up in the end. I also didn’t like that they turned Vanessa into this person who could not be alone of without a man for 5 mins without giving up on life, when on season 1 she was such an independent woman who was comfortable in her own skin and didn’t care about what people thought of her.
I was so surprised when Vanessa allowed Ethan to speak to mansplain to her what the dark was on season 2, I was surprised she didn’t slap him on the face as he called her “little girl” and not only that, she kept pretty much begging him to forgive her and also to stay with her but what did Ethan do? He left without saying goodbye and left her a Dear John letter.
Then they sold us so much that damned Vanethan hug by the stairs for season 3


, only to turn it into a fucking vision! All we got was Vanessa and Ethan meeting for about 5 minutes, a bs kiss and that was it. I realize now that they were never meant to be together, not because they didn’t love each other but because the writer didn’t want them to be happy.
On season 3, we didn’t see Vanessa and Victor, we didn’t see Malcolm and Vanessa, amd we didn’t see Vanethan. Why? Why make them see each other for a few seconds if this was the last season? Why bring Dracula and Hecate into the story to keep the main characters separated and having sex with the people we didn’t want them to have sex with? They could’ve shown Dracula here and there from the beginning of the show so as to not have to dedicate an entire season to his ass and make us waste our time with the worst Dracula ever on season 3. Dracula and Vanessa’s “love story” that I’ll never believe, was a waste of time because we knew he was deceiving her so we were forced to watch this when all we wanted to see was Vanethan but we were never heard. Our opinion didn’t matter, it was always what the writer wanted and fuck the audience.
The prophecy was thrown out the window. They just wanted Vanessa to have a tragic end. The “prophecy” was, at first, the beast, the hound of God, and the scorpion circling around for eternity. Then, it was two brothers and if Van ever got with one of them it would mean the end of days so it was established that Ethan was there to help her stay in the good side. But fuck that, Ethan, the “protector” left because he had to go to America to have sex with Hecate. Then Vanessa, the strong woman who had always known what the devil and the beast wanted, the woman who said had always said no because she knew all they needed was a yes, decided to allow Dracula to bite her because “she fell in love with him”. Then Ethan, instead of trying to convince her to fight until the end, gives into her request to kill her as easily as if she had said, “let’s go for a walk, Ethan” It made no sense. The Ethan I knew, would’ve never done that. The Ethan I knew would’ve done his fucking job, he would’ve done what he was meant to do, he would’ve protected Vanessa and would’ve killed Dracula with his bare claws. So, in my mind…
Malcolm feels Dracula’s fingers digging into his throat. He knows he will die soon but that doesn’t frighten him, leaving this creature alive to harm his family after he’s gone does. He reaches on the floor for anything that might help him, his fingers stretching as far as they can possibly go. He closes his eyes as if to prevent them from flying out from their sockets. The loss of oxygen is making him weak but he continues his desperate search. He feels something, it’s smooth and thin. It’s his cane. He somehow manages to get a hold of it and raises it to hit his opponent hoping that Dracula, in a display of power might grab a hold of it. Dracula, in disgust, catches the cane with his other hand when Malcolm attempts to strike him, just as Malcolm had intended, he then swiftly grabs the other end of the cane and pulls out the silver sword. He plunges it deep into Dracula’s heart. Dracula lets go of Malcolm and falls to his knees in front of him, making deafening sounds of anguish. Malcolm feels life returning to him as he witnesses Dracula’s life expiring. “For my daughters” He says to him.
Upstairs, Ethan and Vanessa are kissing when Vanessa’s eyes widen suddenly with a loud gasp. She cups Ethan’s face in her hands, his tears moisten her fingers. “He’s dead.” she says. Ethan gazes into her eyes and sees a change in her, a change in her completion as well. For a moment he feels as though he might be imagining it, that his desperate need for Vanessa to come back to him might be playing mind tricks on him.
Vanessa realizing this, looks reassuringly into his eyes “It’s over, Ethan” She slowly takes his gun from his hand and lets it fall to the floor as a sign of her will to stay alive. The new tears running down Ethan’s cheeks are now of relief and joy as well as Vanessa’s. They embrace tightly and for an eternity, then their lips meet once…twice…a thousand times, while declaring their eternal love. Ethan strokes her hair as he asks for her forgiveness and promises to never leave her again as their foreheads kiss. Vanessa promises to never give in to her dark side ever again…
Malcolm is helping Victor to get back on his feet when Ethan emerges from the room with Vanessa in his arms. Relief washes over Malcolm as he sees his daughter alive. “Let us go home” He says with a smile behind tears.
A few months later…
Victor makes his way towards the parlor and finds Vanessa decorating the Christmas tree.
“Good morning, Mrs. Chandler” He says in a sarcastic tone. Victor has taken into the habit of calling her that after the wedding because it is the only thing he can say to Vanessa and make her blush in an instant.
“Oh, stop it. I wonder when you’ll tire of that little game of yours, Doctor” Vanessa says trying to conceal the fact that she secretly adores been called Mrs. Chandler.
“Why stop?” Says Ethan as he enters the room with yet another box of ornaments. “I kinda like the sound of it, don’t you?” He looks at Vanessa with a countenance she knows means trouble.
“Ethan…” She says in an attempt to stop whatever mischief he might be after but he only smiles at her. He gets close to her and whispers in her ear with the that low voice he knows makes her knees weak. “Mrs. Chandler…”
Vanessa blushes a scarlet red in response.
“Would you two please stop forcing us to witness these ridiculous displays of affection? We all have to have dinner later, you realize.” Victor says.
“It also makes us immensely jealous, does it not, Sir Malcom?” Says Mr. Lyle who is in charge of decorating the mantelpiece with the aid of Sir. Malcolm. Malcolm can’t help but to look at the marry couple with an air of pride as he hides another gun on the mantelpiece in between the decorations.
Ethan, satisfied with his accomplishment, gives Vanessa a small kiss on the cheek and walks over to Mr. Lyle.
“You know my heart is big enough for two, Mr. Lyle” Ethan says as he pats him on the back and winks at him for good measure. Mr. Lyle returns to his work with a giggle and feeling a bit less jealous.
“And allow me to remind you, Victor, that you have witnessed our ridiculous displays of affection for months now and, if I recall correctly, you have never lost your appetite.” Vanessa says.
“Now that you mention it, I think he’s put on a few pounds.” Ethan says smirking at Victor.
“Don’t be ridiculous.” Victor says adjusting his garments “I never put on weight and even if I did, it’s my intellect what matters. Not all of us were blessed with a pretty face to get us through life, you know? Some of us were blessed only with a brain”
“Well, just remember that this pretty face taught you how to shoot.” Says Ethan.
“You did nothing of the sort. You merely demonstrated how to pull a trigger.” Says Victor with a scoff.
“Are you implying that I don’t know how to shoot?”
“I’m implying that-”
Vanessa interrupts them by dropping 2 boxes at their feet.
“Forgive me, lads, but I’m afraid we forgot to decorate the house on the outside.” She folds her arms while she waits for them to understand her meaning.
Ethan and Victor sigh but take the boxes with them and step outside of the house. They instantly feel the cold reaching all the way through their soul.
“I hope you’re satisfied, Ethan. Mother has punished us both because of your behavior” Says Victor.
“My behavior? It was you who….”
And so it ends; they are prepared now and not afraid. Vanessa smiles as she finishes decorating the Christmas tree that also has concealed weapons in it, Malcolm laughs at Mr. Lyle’s comments, and Ethan and Victor join them inside, congratulating each other for their magnificent creation outside…

Penny Dreadful Season 3. Last theory.

Penny Dreadful Season 3. Last theory.

Isn’t it interesting that Lily wanted to fight men’s oppression just to find herself right where she started; Tied up and knowing she, even after all the powers she has, will become, once again a man’s play-thing? What if she tricks Victor once again?


What if their antidote doesn’t really work and she outsmarts Victor, taking advantage of his love for her and ends up killing him?
I think Ethan will see Brona while she’s been held captive by Victor…and that will turn into Bronethan in season 4, unfortunately for me.
Now, I believe it was a mistake when Dorian told Justine to show him her claws as I think she’ll be the one who ends up killing him. The reason why I think Dorian will die is because of all the fuss his fellow production peeps and everyone in Dublin was making when it was time for him to leave. They sounded as if they were never going to see him again, unlike previous seasons. That’s when the Dorian will die theory emerged.
I was wondering who this woman was but now I know it has to be Catriona kicking butt


but I’m still wondering if the man on the left is Ethan or John Clare! Oh, well, at least I found out who one character was. Yay! Or is it Lily? Nvm…
Dr. Seward will be there as well. (She’s between Malcolm and Victor) I wonder if she dies and also if the cut wife in her will emerge out of necessity.

Vanessa, to me is not a Familiar because she didn’t drink from Dracula’s blood but she’s not Vanessa either; she’s Amunet. To me, her demon has taken over.
Paco Cabezas said in one of his interviews that, the end of the season will “close the cycle”. That leads me to believe that either Ethan or Vanessa will die but mostly Vanessa. If that scene in which Ethan walks inside that room full of candles is not, yet again, another one of Kaetenay’s visions, I think we’ll have a repeat of season one between Vanessa and Ethan. Vanessa will fight to push her demon back long enough to ask Ethan to kill her. Ethan, after seeing everything she has gone through, and knowing that sparing her life back in season 1 was not a kindness after all, will gather all the strength he has never been able to collect and will end up pulling the trigger this time, after endless tears and I love yous have been spoken from both parties, of course. Paco also said if we could see the faces of the 4 men carrying the coffin, we would know who’s inside, btw.
I think that Ethan, as the Wolf of God, was put here to protect human kind, even or specially from Vanessa. Here he is before he meets Dracula.


Ethan, to his delight, will be killing familiars all night long! Even Dracula fears him! But that won’t stop Dracula from grabbing Ethan by the throat to show him how powerful he is…but once Ethan turns into a werewolf…


But first, Ethan and Catriona will have this chat right before Ethan goes to look for Victor, I think.


Kaetenay said, if Ethan could not be saved, they would have to kill the evil he had become. I think the same applies to Vanessa but I hope she doesn’t die. I hope Ethan performs another exorcism on her ass and snaps her out of it, then kiss her and hopefully we get a sex scene of Vanethan right on top of Dracula’s corpse.
Or…Ethan could die. The way I see it, Ethan would sacrifice himself to save her, probably by fighting Dracula off Vanessa and ending up getting hurt by him. if by the end of the season, Ethan leaves Vanessa and returns to Brona because Vanessa was with Dracula I’m going to scream!
People have been saying that it’ll be Malcolm the one who dies. I hope nobody but the characters that annoy me die, tbh. I have a small hope that Malcolm will survive because of this:


I think that’s how Malcolm looks after the battle…hope so!

I leave you with this gif of John Clare sharing a tender moment with his wife! yassss!


Penny Dreadful. A Blade of Grass theory.

Penny Dreadful. A Blade of Grass theory.

So by now we know that tonight’s episode, A Blade of Grass, will be more focused on Vanessa and John Clare’s story. By the way, I think we’ll learn John Clare’s real name. Now, we’ll have to get used to call him something else and just when I was getting used to call him John Clare… *Sighs forever*
In the beginning, I thought that John might be a bad guy who tortured Vanessa in the asylum but now I’m thinking that he might be the only person there who tried to help her, as much as he could.

For example: When he takes the blanket from her, he looks remorseful. He looks like he doesn’t want to take the blanket but, I’m assuming, he has to follow orders and even when he explains to her why she can’t keep it, he does it in a quiet tone and keeps glancing at the door as if he fears someone might hear him.

I think John tries to help her, in his own way, but at the same time, he’s a sort of a torturer (takes blanket) to her.

I believe Vanessa fears seeing him because he’s the one who takes “care” of her in there. I also think that Dr. Jekyll knows Vanessa, since he has been working in the asylum. Perhaps he even did some experiments on her?
Another thing that makes me believe he’s good is because when she attacks him and scratches him, he doesn’t hurt her at all.

He could’ve knocked her out by punching her in the face but he doesn’t do it. He just gets up and hurries out the room.

In the mirror scene, I’m thinking Vanessa is in a straitjacket probably after she attacks John or someone else. I assume John is the one who applies makeup on her and shows her her own reflection to try to bring her back from that dark place she’s in. But, hey, maybe he’s just a psycho-stalker guy who’s obsessed with her…like everyone else…

I also like how concerned John is of Vanessa not eating. I guess it’s because he knows they’ll probably force-feed her if she doesn’t eat for long.

The other man Vanessa talks about in the clip, is Dracula, of course

and I think that throughout the course of their sessions she will learn that Dr. Sweet and Dracula are the same person. At the same time, I think that Dracula will realize that John Clare is getting close to Vanessa and possibly see him as a threat to him, which makes me believe that Dracula is the one who, in the end, kills John Clare. So I think @Reyyleighd was right about Vanessa not been the one who kills John.

To me, Vanessa looks like she’ll sink deeper and deeper into the world in the asylum.

I think that Vanessa and Sweet will see each other again, while Vanessa has no idea of who he really is but once she realizes that Dr. Sweet has been lying to her, (possibly after Ethan and the others return) she will go confront him at the Museum.
Dracula might imprison Vanessa, making the others come to her rescue like on season 2